Sinsemilia (n): meaning “without seed”. Refers to highly potent marijuana from female plants that are specially cultivated and kept seedless to prevent pollination and create a high resin content.

Put another way? SINSE is all the good stuff, and none of the guessing. Our fine flower products are held to a high standard and controlled at every stage by insiders and experts. We’re driven by both passion and science to enhance the everyday, unlock a healthier mind-body connection, and learn what we can from this age-old health aid. And we’re inviting you to help lead the way.

Our products

We like to think of SINSE as your co-pilot in cannabis—someone who’s available to steer when you’re not sure where to go next, who can also take a backseat when you’re ready to lead the way. Someone who always has your back, and is easy to rely on. That’s why consistency, quality, and clarity are key to our ethos and our outlook.

Consistency is crucial. We’re proud of our fine flower products not just because they’re high-quality, but because they’re high-quality you can count on. So you can enjoy SINSE products again and again, with peace of mind every time—whether it’s packaged under our name, or under the house brand of one of our exclusive partners.
Decades of cultivation experience and countless hours of fine-tuning our process have gone into helping us create the Midwest’s best bud. Our rotating menu of in-demand strains boasts some of the finest hybrids ever offered…since, well, ever.

No, we’re not talking about that moment when you first sample our goods. To us, clarity means being transparent about our processes, our products, and everything we do. It also means making education a priority, and opening the doors of our cannabis knowledge banks to the public—because something this good should be accessible to all.

Our Facilities

Fine flower starts from the ground up. Our facilities use specialized hydroponic systems designed by industry experts, housed in highly controlled climates with digital monitoring for temperature, light, and a host of other factors. That means our cultivators and specialists get up-to-the-minute stats on grow conditions delivered right to their phones—so we’re at the nexus of natural and high-tech. Get in touch to learn more about what makes SINSE’s cultivation process different.

illustration of small cannabis plant

Where good stuff gets its start. Plants spend several weeks here developing their root structure and being tagged with unique identifying numbers so we can trace their progress to perfection.

cannabis leaf illustration

It’s always springtime in the vegetative room. Plants receive a highly controlled amount of sunlight and darkness daily to optimize growth.


Less daylight = more flowers. Here, plants are tricked into thinking it’s fall so they begin to flower, dedicating all their energy to busting out the best buds.


Properly cured flower is like a fine vintage wine. SINSE flower is hand-trimmed and cured for a minimum of 30 days in a highly controlled environment to produce the best product.

“Everything we do is designed around pleasing these plants so that they can express their genetic potential.”

SINSE Is First In Missouri To Begin Operations

June 10, 2020


We’ve been proudly based in St. Louis from the beginning. Now we’re making our mark on the city we love. With expert cultivation and curing and an impressive, one-of-a-kind facility all our own, we’re putting Missouri-cultivated cannabis on the map in the minds of consumers everywhere.


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