Our CUltivators

Our experts are responsible for ensuring our fine flower products make the cut. From the growroom to the conference room, our team’s attention to detail, love of learning, and dedication to producing top-notch bud is evident in everything they do.

tall-growing cannabis flower
John Curtis

COO / Master cultivator

In his time as a fixture of the medical marijuana movement for the past two decades, John Curtis has had a front-row view of the changing marijuana landscape. His interest began as a student when he interned with renowned marijuana author, advocate and educator Jack Herer. He then went on to become a journalist for a major U.S. market, frequently interviewing politicians and prominent figures of both local and national importance. In 2005, he left journalism to purchase a 40-acre sustainable food production farm located an hour southwest St. Louis, nurturing his lifelong love of gardening. In 2009, he sold his farm and relocated to Boulder, CO to open his first medical marijuana dispensary and grow operation, becoming one of the first state-licensed facilities in Colorado. Today, he brings his marijuana cultivation expertise to Beleaf, having been an integral part of the company since the beginning of their CBD production in 2015. In addition to his leadership at Beleaf, John is currently a partner in the consulting firm Creative Cannabis Consultancy, as well as the Founder and Chairman of the Board for the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association.


Mitch Meyers


After years of building and marketing brands for Fortune 500 companies, Mitch Meyers’ career took an unexpected turn when she became fascinated with the medical cannabis community. In the twilight years of her career, she launched a new endeavor as the CEO of Beleaf Medical, using her vast experience creating sustainable company cultures and developing engaging brand identities to put Beleaf on the map. Mitch is a self-described “life-long learner” who has thrown herself whole-heartedly into this new industry and is driven by her passion to make plant medicine accessible to all.

Kevin E. Riggs


With sixteen years of experience as the CEO and President of an Engineering company, Kevin E. Riggs is another pillar of Beleaf who underwent a late-stage career shift to a new industry. Originally schooled in Mechanical Engineering, he has now served on the board of Beleaf Life’s Oils since 2016, and currently oversees corporate governance, business relationships, and DHSS communications for the company. Kevin is inspired by individuals on all sides of his Beleaf relationships, finding motivation both from customers and community members as well as from the rest of the Beleaf staff.

Ethan Payer

Director of Compliance

Ethan Payer began his career helping medical patients in the greater St. Louis area while working in pharmaceutical benefits management and pharmaceutical packaging supply chain logistics after graduating from the University of Missouri – St. Louis with a BS in Sociology. His desire to assist others and his love for the industry now translates into his role at Beleaf, where he oversees company compliance to DHSS laws and internal policies. Ethan was instrumental in implementing the “Seed-to-Sale” inventory tracking system used at Beleaf, as well as other crucial logistical processes. Ethan works closely with all departments to ensure Beleaf and its associated companies follow all applicable laws and policies, helping forge the way forward for this relatively young and exciting industry.

Melissa Cowin

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Melissa Cowin is constantly uncovering creative and inspiring ways to change the conversation around the cannabis industry. Her background in the Tech industry and her significant marketing acumen—she holds a BSBA focused in International Business/Marketing and an MBA focused in Marketing/Marketing Management, as well as a Digital Marketing Certification from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis—equip her with a unique perspective on both traditional and digital strategies. She has driven consistent growth for Beleaf’s medical brands and has forged meaningful relationships throughout the community with Missouri Medical Cannabis Patients and Partners, with the goal to drive positive change both locally and nationally. Melissa leverages her insight, creativity and instinct every day to elevate the profile of Beleaf within the industry and help eliminate the stigma around cannabis use on a broader scale.

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