Our CUltivators

Our experts are responsible for ensuring our fine flower products make the cut. From the growroom to the conference room, our team’s attention to detail, love of learning, and dedication to producing top-notch bud is evident in everything they do.

Justin Sheffield

Cultivation Manager - Jonesburg

As Cultivation Manager, Justin oversees daily activities at one of Beleaf’s three cultivation sites. He works closely with the cultivation staff, training and guiding them on fertigation, pruning and propagation techniques to ensure plant health and quality at every stage in the growing process. He is happiest in the flower room, where—as he says—there are no cloudy days. Before joining Beleaf, Justin earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Plant and Soil Science from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010, after which he went on to take a commercial cultivation position in Colorado in 2011—and he has been working in the cannabis industry ever since.

Favorite Quote

“Make it happen.” —Michael Jordan


Come enhance your everyday with us. SINSE is always on the lookout for new team members who share our enthusiasm, attitude, and expertise.

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