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A Premium Cannabis Company About Us

A vertically integrated cannabis company based in Missouri producing premium flower, extracts, and edibles. All of our flower is slow-cured and hand-trimmed, and our manufactured products have a heavy emphasis on whole, live plant extraction. Only the finest, from seed to sale.

Top Tier Facilities With a Purpose

Top Tier Facilities With a Purpose

We have 3 state of the art grow facilities located in the St. Louis metro area. While each facility works hand in hand with each other, each facility also specializes in specific areas of growth and production. They feature energy efficient and environmentally conscious lighting and irrigation systems which also guarantee uniformity and quality under several thousand feet of canopy space. We participate in voluntary energy conservation programs and water consumption programs which are intended to provide the proper care for the plants while measuring data and ensuring environmentally conscious production.

From The Roots

From The Roots

The name “Sinse” is derived from the word Sinsemilla. This is the term for potent marijuana from female plants without seed which are specially tended to in order to produce higher cannabinoid content. Our process began by growing from seed and tending meticulously to those plants to produce unique and proprietary genetics. Growing from seeds is not “pretty”. It’s complex and requires special care. But it has allowed us to produce exciting and unique strains since day one. Through the efforts of our director of cultivation, Justin Sheffield and our team, our painstaking process and strict scheduling has allowed us to continue to grow and expand over time. Being vertically integrated allows us to control quality and grow products we are proud of under our own system and standards. We believe in the notion of “seed to sale”.

It isn’t just about the percentages… Terpenes & THC

The trend in cannabis has long been focused on higher THC percentages, but the terpene profile of each strain is a very important aspect to finding cannabis that satisfies your palate as well as providing symptom relief. Terpenes are the pungent oils that give each strain its unique scent. They can help you understand how a strain may affect your mind and body. Terpenes also work with cannabinoids to produce an effect greater that THC alone, enhancing your overall experience. Our industry leading grow team takes the whole plant into account when choosing strains to add to the Sinse line up. Top quality flower is not just potent in THC, but also rich in flavor and effects.

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