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Consistency. Quality. Clarity. Our Products

Each of our products is given the special attention people have come to expect from Sinse. From seed to sale, we oversee every step of the way to ensure nothing but the highest quality cannabis gets bestowed with the Sinse label.



Premium cannabis products begin with premium flower…

All of our flower is meticulously cared for from seed to cure. Every bag of Sinse begins with our process of cultivating each strain for specific phenotypes to achieve the terpenes and traits we want. This is followed by an intensely scheduled veg and flower cycle and our proprietary low and slow methods of drying and curing, giving us a tremendous amount of influence over our final product. And finally, every bag of Sinse is always hand trimmed- never machined- in order to preserve every last trichome and deliver you a superior bag of flower.

Available in 3.5g and 7g bags.



Not the only pre-rolls on the market, but the best…

In a world where convenience is king, we knew that we could be more than just convenient. We could be better. We set out to provide an elevated experience with premium flower pre-rolls made on a machine unrivaled in the business. Our rolling machines allow us to provide all of the convenience that people expect from a preroll, but with the highest standards that people have come to know and love from Sinse. Our system allows us to produce pre-rolls unmatched in quality in a reliable, repeatable, and scalable fashion. If you haven’t tried Sinse pre-rolls yet, come see what you’ve been missing.

Available in 1 gram singles, .5 gram 3-packs, and a larger multipack coming soon!

Liquid Live Sauce

Liquid Live Sauce

A living plant in the convenience of a cartridge…

Our Liquid Live Sauce cartridges preserve all of the beautiful terpenes and associated benefits of the live plant by flash freezing immediately after harvest, and maintaining at low temperatures throughout the extraction process. These are the truest expression of a terpene-loaded full spectrum extract possible.

Available in .5g and 1g cartridges compatible with any 510 thread battery.

Liquid Cured Sauce

Liquid Cured Sauce

The flavor of cured flower without the smoke…

We use the same extraction process for our LCS cartridges that we do for our LLS, the only difference is we begin with dried and cured flower instead of fresh frozen. This provides a full spectrum product with minimal processing and no non-cannabis additives, but a flavor profile more akin to dried flower and with fewer terpenes than our LLS.

Available in .5g rechargeable and disposable cartridges, ready to go out of the bag.



For the connoisseurs…

For those that prefer to vaporize their own oil, we offer our Live Budder. This begins in the same way all of our live oil products do, by flash freezing the flower immediately after harvest to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes. From there it undergoes hydrocarbon extraction at extremely cold temperatures and then is slowly warmed and hand whipped to a create a creamier consistency by adding oxygen to the final product. This also works to combine the cannabinoids and terpenes, creating a more balanced end product than a wax or a terpene sauce. All of our Live Budders are full spectrum and strain specific, and none of them ever see any filtration media. These are the most pure expression of our plants we can offer, and incredibly delicious.

Available in 1g jars.

FECO Gummies

FECO Gummies

Good things do come in small packages…

Our FECO gummies begin the same as our LLS and concentrates do, with the whole plant. Everything is flash frozen immediately after harvest, preserving a wide array of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. From there, the fresh frozen product undergoes hydrocarbon extraction at extremely cold temperatures, further maintaining that preservation. What results is a highly concentrated oil rich in terpenes and full of beneficial properties. We then introduce this oil into our gummies, finishing with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, resulting in what we think you will find to be one of the best gummies on the market.

Available in Sativa and Indica in a variety of flavors in 100mg packs of 10, and High Potency Indica 300mg packs of 10.

Specially formulated Sleepy Time gummies coming soon!

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