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Consistency. Quality. Clarity. Our Process

From seed to sale, we meticulously oversee every step of the process ensuring only the best products are labeled Sinse. We put in the extra time and effort so you can be sure that when you buy Sinse, you’re buying the best.



It all starts with the plants.

Growing a plant from a seed seems simple, but growing a cannabis plant requires special care and expertise. By taking more time and giving our plants the care and attention they deserve, we can produce superior cannabis strains with unique genetics that are full of potent and highly medicinal compounds.

As a vertically integrated company, we control the life cycles of our plants to ensure they meet our premium standards for consistency and quality. The finest products can only be produced with the best plants. We take pride in our process so you can enjoy the many benefits of cannabis.



A cut above the rest.

The time and effort put into this stage makes all the difference. It’s what separates good cannabis from great cannabis. Sinse flower is monitored continuously and harvested at the peak of its potency, aroma, and taste. After harvest, the flower is moved to a climate controlled drying room to reach appropriate moisture levels before curing.

When the flower is just right, it’s slowly cured in containers kept at 62 degrees and 55% humidity for an additional three weeks and tended to daily. This process is essential to high quality, terpene rich, sugary buds. Finally, Sinse flower is carefully hand trimmed to preserve the delicate trichomes providing the ultimate flower experience.




Keeping things cold is the key…

to the beautifully preserved terpenes in Sinse premium extracts. The dedicated extraction team works in painstaking detail with state of the art resources and equipment to make sure our concentrates are terpene rich, flavorful, and potent. Our exceptional extracts come in two varieties: live and cured.

Live” means the flower is frozen immediately to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the live plant, guaranteeing the truest terpene rich, full spectrum extract possible.

Cured” means the extract is derived from buds that have been traditionally dried and cured providing a flavor profile closer to dried flower.

It isn’t all about the percentages… Terpenes & THC

The trend in cannabis has long been focused on higher THC percentages, but the terpene profile of each strain is a very important aspect to finding cannabis that satisfies your palate as well as providing symptom relief. Terpenes are the pungent oils that give each strain its unique scent. They can help you understand how a strain may affect your mind and body. Terpenes also work with cannabinoids to produce an effect greater that THC alone, enhancing your overall experience. Our industry leading grow team takes the whole plant into account when choosing strains to add to the Sinse line up. Top quality flower is not just potent in THC, but also rich in flavor and effects.

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